OPEC concerns affect crude oils standings

OPEC concerns affect crude oils standings
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With the global demand for crude oil floundering, representatives from OPEC have voiced their concerns over the oil commodity’s tumbling futures.

Crude oil prices fell more than 3% in New York and London today, amid persisting worries over Greece’s potential default on its debt. OPEC’s recent meet in Dubai sparked some harsh criticism towards Europe’s inability to handle its deteriorating debt situation and the E.U.’s largely inconclusive conference in Poland that was supposed to yield solutions for the issue.

OPEC has issued warning to the economically-floundering western nations, stating that if the economy does not receive a much-needed revival soon, billions of dollars in crude oil investments will be put at risk. The warning continued to state that severe changes to the stimulus strategies need to be made to solve unemployment issues that are crippling Europe and the U.S...READ MORE

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